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Sicilian Schiacciata

Something like a double-thickness, well-stuffed pizza, this ancient recipe is really a kind of substantial double-crust pie. Vary ingredients as you like, though these are fairly typical for a Sicilian recipe – food from this island is often packed with intense flavours. Ingredients: Directions: Put the flour, sugar, and salt and yeast into a food […]

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How to make – Veal Stock

How to make veal stock.   Ingredients:   Preheat the oven to 425  deegres, F. Lightly oil a roasting pan large enough to hold the veal bones in a single layer. Place the empty roasting pan in the oven until it is very hot, about 8 minutes. Spread the bonus in the pan in a […]

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How to Cook Rice

  Cooking rice can be quite difficult unless you have a rice cooker. It requires plenty of attention from you and also in case you give your attention to it, you regularly turn out burning them instead. In that case, we actually must appreciate rice cookers or rice makers for making our lives much easier.Rice […]

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